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IT Architects: Why business would not fund my project?

What is role of an IT Architect?

Usually when we think of Information technology architecture, we think about UML diagrams, patterns and practices, reference architectures, technology transformations, and lot more technical stuff.

What teams think of Architects?

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Software Architecture? What Software Architecture?

Let’s start with a small exchange, experienced by almost all of us; developers at some point in their life.

Rookie Dev 1: What is that architecture diagram and the document?
Dev 2: Nothing bro, just that architect and BA had fun for 4 weeks on-site and gave us this 1 document and now expect us to design and develop the application in 8 weeks!

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People manager: To be or not to be

Recently having a discussion over a few things and career growth came to fore. As the discussion was with few of my older students (was a college teacher, in some other life… ) and colleagues, naturally it tended towards how can one grow in their career. Surprisingly, the answer from most of them was one day to become a “Manager” and manage a large team.